Dental Emergency

Do you need an emergency dentist in Moreno Valley CA? Contact us immediately. Same Day appointment are available. If you need treatment after hours, call our emergency number (951) 242-5470.


If you’re seeking an emergency dentist in the Moreno Valley CA area, we can see you today. Do you know what to do in case of a dental emergency? Familiarize yourself with the following overview of dental emergencies and emergency dental care tips so you are prepared when one occurs.

Types of Dental Emergencies

The following are examples of common dental emergencies and what you should do if they occur:


Knocked-Out Tooth. Call your dentist immediately or head to the nearest hospital; if you act quickly, it’s possible to save the tooth with emergency dental services. Meanwhile, take the following steps:

  • Handle the tooth only by its crown (the part of the tooth you normally see), not the root, to avoid damaging the cells needed for bone reattachment
  • Gently rinse the tooth in water (without soap) to remove dirt
  • If you can, place the clean tooth back in its socket to prevent it from drying out. Hold it in place with a clean towel or cloth
  • If you can’t return the tooth to its socket, place it in a clean container with milk

Broken, Chipped or Fractured Tooth. If the tooth is chipped or a piece has broken off:

  • Rinse the mouth with warm water
  • Apply a cold compress or ice pack to reduce swelling
  • Save the tooth fragment that broke off
  • Use ibuprofen, not aspirin, for pain; aspirin can cause excessive bleeding in a dental emergency
  • Call your dentist immediately

Tooth Pushed Out of Position. If a tooth is pushed out of position, take the following steps:

  • With very light pressure, use your finger to try to reposition the tooth to its normal alignment
  • Bite down to prevent the tooth from moving

Bitten Lip or Tongue. If the lip or tongue has been bitten severely enough to cause bleeding:

  • Clean the bite gently with water
  • Use a cold compress (a cold, wet towel or washcloth pressed firmly against the area), to reduce or avoid swelling
  • Call your dentist and he or she will help determine how serious the bite is

Object Caught in Teeth. Getting something caught in your tooth is uncomfortable. Here’s what you should do if it happens:

  • Use dental floss to gently remove the object — never use a metal, plastic or sharp tool to remove a stuck object
  • If you are unable to remove the item with dental floss, give us a call

Toothache. If you’re experiencing a toothache, take the following steps:

  • Rinse the mouth with warm water and inspect the teeth to be sure there is nothing caught between them
  • If pain continues, use a cold compress to ease the pain
  • Do not apply heat or any kind of aspirin or topical pain reliever directly to the affected area, as this can cause damage to the gums
  • Schedule an appointment immediately

Broken Jaw. In many cases, a broken jaw is a result of a blow to the head. Severe blows to the head can be dangerous and even life threatening. If you suspect that the jaw is broken:

  • Use a cold compress to reduce swelling
  • Call our emergency number (951 337-4537) and/or head to the hospital immediately

Dental Emergency