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Dentist in Moreno Valley

Welcome to Young S. Lim DDS, nestled in the heart of Moreno Valley, California, where our passion for serving the community shines through every smile we care for. With a deep commitment to our patients' well-being and oral health, we take great pride in offering a range of dental services, including implants, crowns, and bridges, tailored to meet the unique needs of every individual. Looking towards a future filled with health, smiles, and community growth, we are thrilled to continue our journey of service and excellence.

Directions to Young S. Lim Dental Practice

From Riverside, California:

  • Head southeast on 9th St for 0.3 miles

  • Turn left onto Lime St

  • Turn right onto Mission Inn Avenue

  • Turn left to merge onto Riverside Fwy for 0.7 miles

  • Use the right two lanes to take exit 65B to merge onto CA-60 E toward I-215 S/San Diego/Indio

  • Continue for 4.1 mi

  • Use the middle three lanes to stay on I-215 S for 3 miles

  • Take exit 61 for Heacock Street

  • Use the left two lanes to turn left onto Heacock St and continue 0.9 miles

  • Turn left into the Laguna Vista Professional Plaza

  • Young S. Lim DDS will be on the right at Suite #160

A Brief History of Moreno Valley, CA

Moreno Valley, California, boasts a history marked by diverse phases of development and cultural richness. Initially inhabited by indigenous peoples, the region's landscape began to transform with the influx of Spanish explorers and missionaries in the 18th century, introducing new agricultural practices and settlements. The 19th century saw Moreno Valley's further evolution with the establishment of ranches and farms, laying the groundwork for its agricultural identity.

The 20th century heralded significant change as the area transitioned from a predominantly agricultural society to a burgeoning residential community. This shift was propelled by the region's appealing climate, strategic location, and the construction of the March Air Force Base, which played a pivotal role in its development.

The latter half of the century witnessed a population and infrastructure development surge, culminating in Moreno Valley's incorporation as a city in 1984.Today, Moreno Valley is a testament to its multifaceted history, characterized by rapid growth and a blend of cultures. Its economy has diversified, embracing logistics, healthcare, and retail sectors alongside its scenic natural landscapes. As it looks to the future, Moreno Valley cherishes its rich past while fostering a community that embraces progress and diversity.

Living and Working in Moreno Valley

Living and working in Moreno Valley offers a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Residents enjoy a suburban feel with access to numerous parks, recreational facilities, and hiking trails, such as those in the nearby Box Springs Mountain Reserve.

The city's strategic location near major highways and the March Air Reserve Base contributes to a diverse job market. Moreno Valley's commitment to community and economic growth makes it appealing for professionals and families seeking a balanced lifestyle.

The Must-Sees of Moreno Valley

After your appointment at Young S. Lim DDS's dental practice in Moreno Valley, CA, there are many things to see and do in the area. You can start by hiking or walking in Box Springs Mountain Reserve, a popular destination for those who love nature. The reserve features hiking trails, wildlife areas, and stunning panoramic views that allow you to connect with nature.

You can visit Moreno Valley Mall if you are interested in shopping and entertainment. This mall has various stores, dining options, and a movie theater, making it an excellent place for families and groups to spend a fun day out.

Another exciting place to visit is the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens. Spread over 40 acres, this garden boasts more than 3,500 plant species worldwide. It offers a serene and educational experience with miles of trails through various microclimates and hilly terrain. The garden hosts events such as plant sales, bird walks, and twilight tours, making it an ideal place for education, research, and the appreciation of the natural world.

If you are an aviation enthusiast, you should explore the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, CA, near Moreno Valley. This museum features a collection of 114 historic aircraft ranging from early bi-planes to cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles. It delves deep into the history and development of both military and civil aviation. It is a fascinating place to visit, showcasing the significant advancements in aviation technology and honoring those who have contributed to its history.

When hunger strikes, visit Black Bear Diner for friendly service and hearty portions, and it is only a short walk from Young S Lim DDS, your dentist in Moreno Valley. These destinations offer a wonderful blend of outdoor activities, educational experiences, and leisure options to enjoy the beauty and culture of Moreno Valley and its surroundings.

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